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Wound Care

Getting acute and chronic wounds treated

Our medical professionals assess the entire patient, not just the wound, to successfully treat the wound. Our wound care encompasses:

Wound Vac and Wound Dressing

Wound vac or Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a type of treatment that helps wounds heal by applying a vacuum through a special sealed dressing. The type of dressing used is dependent upon the type of wound and the objective when treating it. A wound dressing may involve the use of a foam dressing, cotton gauze, or non-woven polyester along with a silicone elastomer.

The purpose of the vacuum is to draw the fluid out of the wound and increase blood flow to the area. It is used to treat wounds that are difficult to heal on their own.

Depending on the device used, type of dressing, and wound that needs treating, the pressure that is applied can be continuous or intermittent. The length of time for the treatment to be effective varies on the type of wound involved.


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